In today’s world, where the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, many people are struggling to make ends meet. Asking for assistance from the wealthy may seem like a reasonable alternative for those who find themselves in difficult financial situations. But it might be difficult to ask rich people for money, especially if you don’t know where to begin. The internet, thankfully, has made it simpler than ever to get in touch with wealthy people who are prepared to donate to philanthropic causes or assist those in need.

There are numerous online platforms and communities that allow people to ask for financial assistance from the wealthy. From crowdfunding websites to social media groups, these platforms offer a range of options for those seeking financial support. In this article, I’ll be discussing some of the best places to ask rich people for money online.

10 Websites to Sites to Ask Rich People for Money Online and Get!

  1. Begslist

Begslist is a website where you can ask for money if you’re having money problems. It’s for people who need more money but don’t want to ask strangers in person and feel embarrassed. It doesn’t cost anything to start a campaign on Begslist, but they take away 5% of the money you get as a fee for using their service.

On Begslist, you can keep your identity a secret while asking for emergency money. On the website, many users are struggling to pay their bills, have lost their jobs, are drowning in debt, need assistance paying for medical expenses, or are already unemployed.

To use Begslist, you just make an account on their website and pick the right category for your request. You can ask for money to start a business, do art, pay for medical stuff, deal with a money emergency, help with education, or recover from a disaster.

  1. Rally

Rally is a website where anyone can ask rich people for money online. It is a platform that focuses on making it easy for people to share their stories and raise funds for their causes. Since its launch, Rally has helped over 25,000 organizations and individuals find solutions to their problems, express their passions, and engage with communities.

Rally has a community of 5 million users who are passionate about various causes and may support yours. The website allows you to create a fundraising page that is attractive and effective in generating donations. You can accept contributions through credit cards and eChecks, making it convenient for donors.

Rally also provides social sharing features on all its pages, which means you can easily spread the word about your fundraiser to your personal contacts and online networks. This helps in raising awareness and reaching more potential donors.

Many organizations have already used Rally for various purposes, such as coordinating disaster relief, funding films, starting businesses, paying for college tuition, and more. It has proven to be a versatile platform for different fundraising needs.

When you receive donations through Rally, there is a transaction cost of 5%. This fee covers the expenses of credit card and bank processing, which includes a 2.9% fee plus 30 cents per transaction.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is a website where you can ask rich people online for financial help. While it’s not specifically made for that, there are certain sections where people might be willing to donate or assist those in need.

One section called “#RandomKindness” is for kind-hearted people who are ready to help others, including giving away money. To participate, you usually need to be active on Reddit by joining discussions and earning at least 300 comment karma.

There are also other sections on Reddit focused on generosity. For example, “Random Acts of Amazon” lets people buy gifts for each other using an online retailer. In the “Random Acts of Pizza” section, you can ask for pizza, and if you have a good reason, you might receive it as a kind gesture.

Be respectful and thankful when using Reddit to connect with potential donors. Each section has its own rules, so follow them when asking for help. Asking for money from strangers online carries risks, so be careful and do thorough research before getting involved in any financial transactions

  1. Ko-fi

Ko-fi is a platform designed for creative individuals like bloggers, podcasters, and illustrators who require financial support to bring their dream projects to life. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms that cater to charitable or commercial purposes, Ko-fi focuses on helping creatives fund their creative endeavors.

To use Ko-fi, you need to connect your PayPal account to the platform so that people can easily make small donations with just one click. The key idea behind Ko-fi is to provide a hassle-free way for supporters to contribute a small amount of money without feeling obligated to give a large sum. In fact, Ko-fi promotes itself as a platform where fans can support your work by simply paying the price of a coffee.

There are two versions of Ko-fi available: Ko-fi Gold and the free version. The free version allows you to receive donations, while Ko-fi Gold offers additional features and benefits. By subscribing to Ko-fi Gold for $6 per month, you can access perks such as receiving commissions through the site.

  1. Fundly

Fundly is an online platform where you can ask wealthy people for money. Fundly allows you to create your own fundraising campaign without any requirements or costs to get started. You will be prompted to identify yourself as either an individual or a nonprofit organization when you visit the Fundly website. You can log in with your Facebook account if you’re an individual.

If you want to get some ideas or see how others are using the site, you can filter the categories to view popular projects, memorials, and trips.

Fundly is successful because it concentrates on making it simple for you to connect with people who want to donate to your project. You can get the money you receive from a donation within 24 to 48 hours. If necessary, you can also acquire partial funding.

  1. JustGiving

JustGiving is a website that helps people and groups collect money for their causes. It has been running since 2000 and has raised more than $4.5 billion for humanitarian projects around the world. JustGiving connects you with kind people who are prepared to make financial donations. These individuals are often wealthy and can contribute a lot of money to support your cause.

When you use JustGiving, your cause is advertised to a large audience of over 22 million people through different forms of advertising. This means more people might see your fundraising efforts and be interested in helping.

JustGiving also uses technology to make donating money easier. They have improved the donation process to make it more successful. This helps both the people raising money and those who want to donate.

Another advantage of JustGiving is that you can personalize your fundraising page. You can choose colors that match your cause and add donation buttons, widgets, and APIs to make it more appealing. This allows you to create a page that represents your cause well and attracts potential donors.

JustGiving keeps a portion of the donations and Gift Aid contributions to cover their expenses. The exact percentage they keep depends on how much money is received. They may also charge a fee for using the platform.

  1. FundMyTravel

FundMyTravel is a website that helps you raise money online, especially if you want support from wealthy people. It’s designed for collecting funds for your travel plans and other travel-related projects.

When using FundMyTravel, you set up a personal campaign page where you can tell the FundMyTravel community and your friends and family about your journey and your goals. This broadens your audience and raises your potential for receiving donations.

Remember that FundMyTravel charges a 5% fee on the funds you raise. This fee covers the platform’s costs and supports campaigners like you.

One great thing about FundMyTravel is that you don’t have to wait until you reach your fundraising goal to get the donations. The platform delivers the funds to your account right away, so you can access the money as soon as people start donating.

FundMyTravel isn’t only for funding leisure travel. If you have a family emergency and need to fly urgently or if you’re traveling abroad for work, school, or volunteering, you can still use FundMyTravel to ask for financial help. You can even seek support offline by spreading the word in your local community.

Conclusion on Sites to Ask Rich People for Money Online and Get!

When seeking financial assistance online, it is important to explore platforms and communities that connect individuals with the means to help. While asking for money from rich people online may seem daunting, there are various websites and platforms available that provide avenues for individuals in need to connect with generous donors. With these resources, those facing financial hardships can potentially find the support they need to improve their circumstances.


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